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Beer and Wine Custom Cotton Tote


A different riff from our Beer and Wine poster (which you should totally get). This tote goes without saying that this tote will look amazing when you shop but we’re going to say it anyway: This will look amazing when you shop and we like alliteration. Cheers!

• 100% Bull Denim Woven Cotton construction
• Dimensions: 14 3/8" x 14" (36.5cm x 35.6cm)
• Dual handles
• Fabric weight 13.0 oz/yd² (440 g/m²)
• Made in the USA by Los Angeles Apparel


Why do I love Los Angeles Apparel? Here's why:

From the LA Apparel website: The garment industry typically relies on exploitation of workers in developing countries to keep costs low. We challenge this by paying our garment workers $12-18 an hour, and we support the fight for a minimum wage of $15 an hour across the United States. We intend to become a leader in American made garment making by employing thousands of workers in the Los Angeles area and offering factory workers an equity stake in the company.

Production and Shipping

Orders take roughly 5-6 days to process after order is placed. No returns or exchanges on sizes - a store credit will be issued in return of merchandise.
United States: 2-8 business days for shipping


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